Girondins de Bordeaux

Hi readers.

Today I want to present you my favorite team :  The Girondins de Bordeaux.


I am a fan of this team since I am a kid. I really don’t know why because I always lived in Paris area but that’s it. Bordeaux win the Ligue two times during the last 20 years :  In 1998-1999 and 2008-2009. During the last 20 years, they also win the “French cup” in 2012-2013 and three times the “League Cup” (2001-2002, 2006-2007, 2008-2009). They also win the “Champions’ trophy” (confrontation between the champion and the winner of the “French Cup”). On my opinion, the 2008-2010 period was one of the best period in the club history. For a moment, the team was unbeatable. It was one of the best team in Europe. But after that period, best players leave the club and Bordeaux turns back into a “normal” team. This season, it was very difficult during the first month but since the beginning of January, Bordeaux win 6 of their 7 matchs including a very good game against Rennes today. They won 4-0.

The following video was created last year when Bordeaux leave their historic stadium, “Lescure Park” or “Jacques Chaban-Delmas stadium” to a new one : The Matmut Atlantic. I completely agree with people who said that this name is horrible. That’s the reason why supporters give to the new stadium a new “non-official” name : “René Gallice Stadium”. René Gallice was an ex-player of the club during the 40’s and 50’s. He stayed in Bordeaux for 12 years. He helped the club to win its first Ligue 1 title. He was also a soldier during WW2.


I hope you will enjoy this post on my favorite team.

“Marine et blanc” !


Girondins de Bordeaux

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