Paris Saint Germain : End of a serie

Hi readers,

Yesterday Lyon win its confrontation with Paris Saint Germain. This is a great moment during the season because it’s only the first defeat in championship for Paris. Before they played 27 games for 23 wins and 4 draws. And impressive assessment for this team.


Not any team could resist to them. They were better than every opponent they got. But yesterday, their opponent, Lyon was amazing. They achieved every thing they tried. That’s true, Paris played this game without Marco Verratti, the Italian midfielder and without Blaise Matuidi. Those two players are definitely among the best players of the championship. Those absence penalized the Paris’ team. But Lyon was very serious during the whole match.

Modelled on the goal of the Spanish midfielder Sergi Darder, Lyon was superior in every part of the field.

Following, a link for the highlights of the game.

I hope other teams could take inspiration from Lyon to play against PSG and not only look PSG play alone during 90 minutes.



Paris Saint Germain : End of a serie

4 thoughts on “Paris Saint Germain : End of a serie

  1. As a supporter of Lyon I watched the game and it was really amazing! it was playing well and I really enjoyed myself in front of my TV. We must also add that Lyon also had many absent players not only Paris. We must stop always find excuses for Paris. Lyon was better that’s it!


    1. I know that feelings. Before the Lyon’s victory against Paris, Bordeaux was the last club which defeat them. And during this match Bordeaux was better that Paris but everybody told that Paris’ players was tired!!


  2. I’m not a Lyon supporter, but I watched the game and I really enjoyed.
    PSG played 27 games for 23 wins and 4 draws, but in this match Lyon was better.
    Do you think Lyon will take the 2nd place and will play the Champions league next year ?


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