France in Euro

Hi readers.

As I told you in the previous episode, next Euro will take place in France during June.
During the random draw France was very lucky. The three opponent of France for the first round are affordable.

France, Albanie, Romania and Switzerland… It could be Italy, Sweden or Russia but France was very lucky.

The last confrontation with Switzerland for France was during the Brazilian World Cup in 2014 during the first round. France win this game 6-2. This match was absolutely perfect.

This year Romanian level in lower than French one and Albania is very small nation in football. It’s a big surprise to see them qualified for this competition. It’s the first time of all history that Albania managed to qualified for a great competition!

French team is composed by very talented players who plays in the best european teams. But we have to be careful because we need to qualify for the next round.

In my opinion, French national team can win this competition. But to reach this goal, we will need every player at their best level.

Pogba is one of the best midfielder in the world currently, Griezmann is a top scorer, Varane is one the best (probably the best) young center back in the world. If every french player plays at his best level during every match, french team could be unbeatable.


And you, do you agree with that?



France in Euro

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