France – Second to last list before Euro

Hi readers,

As you may know if you love football, in three months, it will be the biggest sport event of the year. It will take place in France during June and July. I evidently talk about the Euro.


UEFA Euro in France is long-awaited by every football fan. This year France as some chances to win the competition because the team is composed by some very talented players like Paul Pogba, Hugo Lloris or Antoine Griezmann.

But before this competition, their are some friendly games. France opponent during March will be Russia and Netherland.

For french players those games are probably the last chance to join French national team and every football fan (like me) was waiting for the list of Didier Deschamps, the french head coach.

He announced his list yesterday and we saw some surprises.But the biggest surprise is undoubtedly N’Golo Kanté.


The Franco-Malian midfielder is absolutely amazing during this season with Leicester. British press told that he is one of the best midfielder in Premier League. Legendary Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson hailed Kante as the best player in the Premier League this season and against Newcastle the Frenchman was sensational. Newcastle continually struggled when they got into the final third and whilst this is partly down to their attacking inadequacies, Kante played a big role in protecting his defence.

I saw on Twitter a sentence which make me laugh : “71% of the Earth is covered by water. The other 29% is covered by Kante”. It sum up very well his work on the pitch.


That’s it for this post but an other will come after concerning the Euro.

I hope you enjoy,

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France – Second to last list before Euro

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