Nasazzi Baton

Hi readers,

Today I will talk about the Nasazzi Baton. Maybe you’ve never heard about it. It’s a virtual trophy in the football world. The first owner was Uruguay national team after its win during the first World Cup in 1930. The name Nasazzi is the name of the captain of the Uruguay national team José Nasazzi.

To win this trophy, the other national teams have to win a game against the current owner of the Nasazzi Baton during regular time.

Currently, the owner of the Nasazzi Baton is the Ecuador national team since their victory against Uruguay the November 12th of 2015.

This trophy is non-official but I think it’s a good idea because it allow small team to make part of history. Among trophy winner we can find Brasil, France, Nertherland but we can also find small team as  Netherlands Antilles or Georgia.

France win this trophy 7 times but the last one was in 2001 after their confrontation against Portugal. They lost it two month later after a defeat against Australia during the Confederation Cup.

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Nasazzi Baton

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