[Special-Issue] Johan Cruyff

Hi readers,

As you probably heard last week, Johan Cruyff, a legend of football history died at the age of 68.

He was a Dutch football player, maybe one of the best player of football history. He was the most famous number 14 in the world. As a football player he won FIFA Ballon d’Or three times. To win this trophy three times is a really great performance. Only 10 players in football history achieved this fantastic performance.

During his career, he played in different teams all over the world :

Years Team Apps Goals
1964–1973 Ajax 240 190
1973–1978 Barcelona 143 48
1979 Los Angeles Aztecs 23 13
1980–1981 Washington Diplomats 30 12
1981 Levante 10 2
1981–1983 Ajax 36 14
1983–1984 Feyenoord 33 11
Total 514 290

With Dutch national team he played 48 games for 33 goals. He led the Netherlands to the final of the 1974 FIFA World Cup and received the Golden Ball as player of the tournament. At the 1974 finals he executed a feint that subsequently was named after him, the Cruyff Turn, a move widely replicated in the modern game.

He is a video of his great performances.

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[Special-Issue] Johan Cruyff

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