André-Pierre Gignac

Hi readers.

This is my last post on this blog and I want to talk about a player that I like : André-Pierre Gignac. I really love that kind of player. He is a combatant on the pitch with his team, “Tigres” of Monterrey but also with french national team.

During the last summer, he decided to go to play to Mexico. Nobody understood his choice. “Not a good championship”, “Nobody leave Europe to go to Mexico”. But he shows to everybody that he is a great striker. He scored many goals this year. He also helped his team to win the Copa Libertadores, the equivalent of Champions’ League in South America.

He scored wonderful goals during the season like this one :

He has been named best player of Liga MX, the Mexican championship. It’s a great performance for the french player just arrived in Mexico.

Now, he is one of the most famous player in Mexico. A family named their son Andre Gignac Quistian Palomo. What a tribute for a football player!!

I really hope that he will take part of the french national team during Euro. I really think he deserve it.

And you? Do you think that he deserve to take part of the french national team?

See you soon,


André-Pierre Gignac

3 thoughts on “André-Pierre Gignac

  1. Mexico was truly a good choice for APG. He scored many goals and the media were talking about him the whole season. Good combo for a football player. Hopefully, he will be in the national team for the Euro 2016


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